Spring Ahead….Treat Yourself!

Here we are…March. Winter isn’t quite behind us, but spring seems a bit far away. We’re in the “limbo” part of winter that seems the longest. So, in the spirit of looking ahead to warmer weather, I have a suggestion for a way to start the process of spring!

Hop in the car (maybe ask a girlfriend to join you and make a day of it) and venture out to Allure.  The idea is that rather than wait for spring to actually show up, we’re going to get a jump on the season by preparing for tank tops, no sleeves and sun dresses…..by getting some nice, great fitting new bras and under garments NOW.

This year, lets not wait for the first warm day to notice that our bra straps have gotten a bit dingy and our size has changed just enough that we can see the top of our breasts spilling out of our bra.  Light, silky summer wear has a way of showing off some of the transgressions of the winter if you know what I mean, and a great fitting bra can lift you up and make you feel like you’ve shed 10 pounds!

You’ll have to trust me when I say that a new bra..well fitting, maybe in a pretty new color, has a way of putting a spring in your step and a smile on your face. This year, take care of this necessity early and be ready on that first day when the sun finally shines warm enough to bare your arms.  You’ll be happy you did!! Treat Yourself!!

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