The $63 Gift Card…or…..Budding Workplace Romance?

Disclaimer: This really happened.

The other day a cute young gentleman came into the store…blushing fifty shades of red.  He was there to buy a $63.00 gift card.  It seems he had lost a bet with a co-worker and the winner got to have 63 of anything they wanted.  SHE won, and she wanted sixty three dollars to spend at Allure.  Hmmmm….

He said he was sure she only sent him to Allure to embarrass him about having to walk into a lingerie store.  We asked if there was a potential romance afoot? He said he was sure there wasn’t.

He was also sure that he didn’t want to look around.

As we were taking his picture on his phone (part of the bet was that he had to have proof that he bought the gift card himself) he mentioned very casually that she would probably like something like the Simone Perele “Couture Noir” bra and panty set because he noticed that she always wears black nail polish to work.

131343S-SIM-2THmmm….just a co-worker, huh?

When we suggested that she might choose something like the comfy pj set like the Paddi Murphy “Meghan”,


he said he could almost imagine her wearing it while she was watching old movies, which he just happened to know were her favorites.

We couldn’t help but think that with Valentines Day being right around the corner this co-worker friend of his might be popping in sooner rather than later…now all we can do is wait patiently for a woman wearing black nail polish to come in with a $63 gift card to spend on something her friend from work may or may not ever see…….the suspense is killing us.

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