Would You Chaperone the Junior Prom With No Eyebrows?

A few days ago we had a woman in the store who was treating herself to something nice, which is always so good to see  (so few of us do that often enough). While she was shopping and having her fitting, she told the story of her brave fight against cancer.

She is a high school teacher. Rather than leave work temporarily throughout her treatment, she chose to stay at school, teaching the kids about living with cancer and..surviving cancer.  With her positive energy (and from what I heard, you could feel it in the room) she taught them that adversity in your life doesn’t have to make you stop living. (What a great lesson for those kids! ) Her proudest moment was when she chaperoned the junior prom with no eyebrows. I think that would take a lot of courage, don’t you?

So I wanted to say that just hearing about her made me feel so proud of her. I also thought it would be worth mentioning that one of the great beauties of all time did not have eyebrows either, but because of her smile no one ever noticed.AdobePhotoshopExpress_2013_02_08_13:29:43

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